Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Mc Maggie

Ah, Morrisons shoping so safe. This is a place of magic and invocations, and cheesy minibaby bells. Meanwhile did jimmy curse the entire tower of song to no babies (or just no illegimate babies), though the very breathe of me. I don't know, yes or no. But Mr Morrision he did have he's kicks, and die childless, which is a very fine example of life gone wrong. Rockstars having babies stories please, fifi trixie bell is one i know, but she wasn't happy families either.

I have a date someday soon, and i'm finding very difficult to communicate with her.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Great Inversion

I probably run the worlds least read blog. Axitronics about adding new a new interaction to the standard model. Since you need a PhD+ in quantum physics to understand it, and the paper was rejected by the journal, this will no doubt be the worlds least read blog.

But come the day of the great inversion, when google realizes that all page links are just marketing spam. Then the Nadir will become the Zenith, and the least linked will become the most popular. Then my site will be read. Perhaps then god will intervene and make my axial interaction a real physical force.

Too truly reach the prime Nadir of least readability, i now need translate the site, into a dead language, i think i shall choose the red indian language of New River Shasta. Quantum Mechanics in a dead language of the Red Indians, its a winner for sure.

Meanwhile, while readers need on subject information, and while blog writers need popularity. I've used my brain, to produce something more popular. Feed Distiller takes RSS and Atoms feeds from blog filters them to match particular content, and then displays them as new feeds, html pages, and as a widget you can put on a webpage.

So for example you can take your blogroll of friends, and filter it for just the same subject as your write about, and then put it as a widget on your page.