Saturday, 28 January 2012

Strange Deaths and Wrong Songs

Any corelation? Between the Song, 'Dance wiv Me, by Dizee Riscal, Clavin Harris and Chrome', and the 'Slough Horror Case', Fortean time FT284, in which a 23 year old man, attacked his mum gouging her eyes out?.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Me and My Arrow

What did that do to you!

Something Wierd

Something Wierd is happening in my Bathroom. Rusty Water is flowing up the pipes to fill the drain.
To a physicist that two law of physics broken at the same time. Begging the question. Thus the ammout of rust correlate with the amount of water, and the height of the pipe.

The pipe wasn't dripping with water from the rusty iron tank in the artic. How much could it be dripping.

More answers will following from the Vixra people's of its two barmy for scientists to dream of asking.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Just Crashed Google

I just typed a search for "Anti-folk", "Anti folk" and unfolk into google. Google didn't responded at all. While I was waiting, a my brain was buzzing with the thought. It will take a 10 thousand years to process this query. Now please do something to reason to make it take even longer to kill people.

Anti-folk is the name of a music genre. Anti-fuck, Anti-people, or Anti-people fucking, you mileage may vary, i've never listened to any of that genre.

More solder boys or girls in wormwood?

Perphaps somewhere in the future theses a musicologist historian, worring about the pre-and post-millenial tensions, that lead to u....

Its a sacred duty to prolong the universe, say types. And solving that the problem deserves no more churning though the word-rumbles.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

More Bird Music

This is a music blog, (some of time), and recently i've been
replaying Mansuns attack of the Grey Lantern, sometime I only recommend doing if you have dead budgies, and then only if you heard it somewhere else. Me and an Ex Girlfriend spit-up after seeing a Mansun concert. So if you ever the fortune to see any the band members, send evil kicks down their bird strings.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Pet Funeral

From the house of the very strange. My house, and it is very strange. Both my budgies died in there cage today. They've been kepted warm and fed, and if sometimes nervious seemed happy enough most of the time. But I found both of them lying face up in the bottom of the cage. They were a breeding couple, and I had was hoping for eggs. The most spooky thing. The very night before i had played Kaleidoscope by Siouxsie & the Banshees, where of couse Budgie was the drummer. I so rarely play goth music these days. Open 3.1415926, and let my birds sing again in heaven.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Mc Maggie

Ah, Morrisons shoping so safe. This is a place of magic and invocations, and cheesy minibaby bells. Meanwhile did jimmy curse the entire tower of song to no babies (or just no illegimate babies), though the very breathe of me. I don't know, yes or no. But Mr Morrision he did have he's kicks, and die childless, which is a very fine example of life gone wrong. Rockstars having babies stories please, fifi trixie bell is one i know, but she wasn't happy families either.

I have a date someday soon, and i'm finding very difficult to communicate with her.