Sunday, 15 May 2011

Just Crashed Google

I just typed a search for "Anti-folk", "Anti folk" and unfolk into google. Google didn't responded at all. While I was waiting, a my brain was buzzing with the thought. It will take a 10 thousand years to process this query. Now please do something to reason to make it take even longer to kill people.

Anti-folk is the name of a music genre. Anti-fuck, Anti-people, or Anti-people fucking, you mileage may vary, i've never listened to any of that genre.

More solder boys or girls in wormwood?

Perphaps somewhere in the future theses a musicologist historian, worring about the pre-and post-millenial tensions, that lead to u....

Its a sacred duty to prolong the universe, say types. And solving that the problem deserves no more churning though the word-rumbles.

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